A girl escapes from the winter wolves with the help of the Doctor; his friend Fitz watches his father die time and again; Sarah-Jane Smith wakes up in a nightmare dimension. Find out more about these stories for DWIN.

Updated 20th March 2018
New TMH review added
Updated 12th March 2018

In the middle of the bloody Engish Civil War, how did two men from opposing sides become the best of friends?

Updated 15th February 2018

An overview of the reviews that The Albino's Dancer received.

Updated 13th February 2018

"The planet will always be a part of you", the Doctor told Ace when he saved her. But it was a part of him too, and it was changing him. Death was only one way he could escape. But he wasn't ready to die just yet. So he would have to be helped.

Updated 8th February 2018

Time cannot be rewritten, no not even one line. So what would happen if Fritz Kreiner tried to save his father's life? 

Updated 16th January 2018


A traveller hunts a young woman across the Australian outback. But is he trying to save her, or destroy her?

Updated 22nd November 2017

An overview of the reviews that Flywheel Revolution and Black Dog received.

Updated 22nd November 2017

The story of how I got out of the habit of writing, and how I came back.

Updated 16th November 2017

Elizabeth Howkins has learned the secrets of the gods. Now, she knows their weaknesses. Now, she is ready to exact her revenge.

Updated 31st October 2017

A guest blog by director Tim Crook about the production of the play The Kissing Game, and working with Dale Smith.

Updated 8th October 2017

A guest blog by director Tim Crook about the production of the play Hello?, and working with Dale Smith.

Updated 5th October 2017

An Edinburgh physician who won't let his father rest in peace can't resist an alien who will sacrifice anything to stay alive.

Updated 21st August 2017

Everyone thinks that the Virgin New Adventures were a continuation of the TV series Doctor Who, but what if they were actually a continuation of the Virgin novelisations of the TV series Doctor Who?

Updated 21st August 2017

She is the ultimate bad mother, drinking too much and abandoning her son whenever adventure calls. But even she wouldn't convince her son to kill himself to save her. Would she?

Updated 21st August 2017


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